Welcome to the Lakewood Emergency Kosher Supper Service

Emergency Supper Service from Monday to Friday for Kosher Observant Households in Ocean County.

ואת עלית על כולנה לזכות עילוי נשמת האשה החשובה הצוה"ח מרת חנה בת ר' אהרן ז"ל טבק אשת חבר להרב אליהו  טבק ז"ל נלב"ע יום ו ניסן תש"פ

Important information

This Emergency supper service is opened to ALL in need.


  • Do not use this service to stockpile food, as we have limited capacity and want to serve those in most need.

  • (We reserve the right to limit service or quantities based on our judgement).

Pick up location

You order will be ready for pick up from Monday to Friday from 3 PM to 4 PM.

Location: BMG Bais Shalom Parking Lot - Clifton Avenue and 9th Street.


Please pick-up your order if you can. Note that this location is sterile and requires no human interaction. You won’t need to leave your car to receive your meals.

Your order will be ready for pick up the day after your order is placed.


If you can’t pick-up your order, delivery will be made in Lakewood, Jackson and Toms River.

•    Delivery will be provided by Chaveirim between 2 PM and 6 PM, we CANNOT provide exact delivery time.
•    Orders will be left on your porch if no one answers your door. (Note that squirrels and other rodents are widespread in our area).  
•    Please leave any other delivery instructions with your order AND on your door.
•    Deliveries will be made in 9x13’s in a cardboard box.

•    Deliveries will be made in 9x13’s in a cardboard box.

•    The delivery fee is $7 per order.

Volunteers Needed!

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